Resin Art & Decor Care Guide

Congratulations! You are now the lucky owner of a stunning handmade creation carefully crafted by yours truly. To ensure its longevity and preserve its exquisite beauty, please adhere to these simple care guidelines.


  • Resin is sensitive to UV light which can cause mild yellowing to resin over time, to prolong your beautiful artwork’s life please keep away from direct sunlight if possible.
  • To clean it, simply wipe it with glass cleaner and lint free cloth or hand wash with mild detergent and pat dry.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or rough fabrics when wiping resin clean.
  • Textured resin art or textured wall art such as geode art with crushed glass or crystal clusters for example, can be cleaned and dusted with a soft bristle brush or compressed air (keyboard cleaner).
  • Please use caution when handling 3D textured artwork that contains crushed glass to prevent cuts or injuries to the skin.
  • It is recommended for heavy resin wall art to be hung professionally on studs.


  • You can clean all resin coasters either by wiping them with glass cleaner and a soft cloth or by hand washing them and carefully patting them dry (be cautious not to disturb the adhered rubber feet on the underside of the coasters if applicable).
  • Do not use abrasives as the resin will be scratched.
  • Rubber feet will be provided complimentary with each coaster order and using them is optional, but recommended as it will help protect the bottom of coasters from scratches.
  • Resin coasters are designed with heat resistance in mind. You can enjoy your hot beverages without any concerns, knowing that our coasters will protect your surfaces.